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20分! Should smoking be banned

I need a passage which is about 200-250 word.

The tittle is ""'Should smoking be banned in Hong Kong?"""

In English!

The passage not be so difficult , use some easy word.


thx alot ! 20points!

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  • GAGA
    Lv 4
    8 年前

    At present smoking is banned in some places including all indoor area and certain public outdoor places in Hong Kong. While smokers endure with the inconvenience brought about by this partial smoking ban, environmental groups and non smokers are trying to advocate a universal smoking ban in all public area apart from designated smoking zone.

    According to release from Tobacco Control Office of Hong Kong Government ,smoke of burning tobacco contains considerable toxic substances includes nicotine, leads addiction and narrows the blood vessel; Tar, a kind of carcinogenic causes respiratory irritation and turns nails and teeth yellow; Carbon monoxide, reduces blood oxygen carrying capacity. The above are only 3 out of more than 4000 harmful chemicals were found in the smoke. Because of the toxic substances, smoking leads to fatal diseases such as cancers, heart diseases, respiratory diseases etc. A research in Montana, USA found out the rate of acute myocardial infarction has dropped for 40% after the local government banned smoking in working and public places. Smoke is non profit to smoker.

    Besides the health problems affect on the smoker themselves, the environmental tobacco smoke or secondhand smoke plays an important role of smoking ban.

    so,smoking Should be banned in Hong Kong!

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  • 8 年前

    The tittle is ""'Should smoking be banned in Hong Kong?"""

    厘個 title 都寸錯,唔好用英文發問。唔該 !!!!

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