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Poem with rhyme

請幫幫忙:小二作一首80字Rhyme poem 關於animals .

For example :A little doggie's hair is brown,.

Running happily to the town.

Children riding on a merry-go-round,

Doggie looks at thenm and sits down.

It is so happy, so it barks,

Enjoying happy momrents before dark.

Thank you !!

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  • 9 年前

    The Kitten in the Falling Snow

    The year-old kitten

    has never seen snow,

    fallen or falling, until now

    this late winter afternoon.

    He sits with wide eyes

    at the firelit window, sees

    white things falling

    from black trees.

    2012-10-05 23:21:50 補充:

    Are they petals, leaves or birds?

    They cannot be the cabbage whites

    he batted briefly with his paws,

    or the puffball seeds in summer grass.

    They make no sound, they have no wings

    and yet they can whirl and fly around

    until they swoop like swallows, and

    disappear into the ground.

    2012-10-05 23:22:28 補充:

    "Where do they go?" he questions,

    with eyes ablaze, following their flight

    into black stone. So I put him

    out into the yard, to make their acquaintance.

    2012-10-05 23:22:47 補充:

    He has to look up at them: when one

    blanches his coral nose, he sneezes,

    and flicks a few from his whiskers, from

    his sharpened ear, that picks up silences.

    2012-10-05 23:23:31 補充:

    He catches one on a curled-up paw

    and licks it quickly, before

    its strange milk fades, then sniffs its ghost,

    a wetness, while his black coat

    2012-10-05 23:24:05 補充:

    shivers with stars of flickering frost.

    He shivers at something else that makes his thin

    tails swish, his fur stand on end! "What's this? ..."

    Then he suddenly scoots in to safety

    and sits again with wide eyes

    at the firelit window, sees

    white things falling

    from black trees.

    2012-10-05 23:26:29 補充:

    Crying with the Elephants

    Crying with the Elephants

    Is not so hard to do,

    If you know what is done to them

    In a circus or a zoo.

    They don't look a lot like us

    But you would be surprised

    Just how much we share with them

    If you look beyond their size.

    They could live as long