School problem...+20points!!

So,at the very first beginning,I'd like to say I am gonna write it all in English cuz I can't type Chinese.

To begin, I will say,I am in an co-Ed school.But my primary school wasn't. I am a girl.But,I like boys since there are so pure and lovely,a bit childish,and it looks like I always want to be a part of them,I always want to be a boy...(BUT,I am not a lesbian that's what I am pretty sure,because I am never attracted to a girl,but I have liked a boy before.)Somehow it's hard to join them,since they think,'That's a GIRL!!'(in my point of view)And I am not very interested in girly topics like,teen idols,'Oh!They are so cute!'things,or about who's handsome and who's 'cute'.I now have girl friends,I know some boys,but I am not sure if they see me as their friends...as a matter of fact,in my lessons,the boys always make the entire class laugh,I do,too,as I dream of being a boy.I love their purity,also a bit jealous about that.I smile when I hear boys' conversation,wishing of being one...

However,I don't play basketball,while they do,EVERYDAY.I am jealous that they are so active.And in fact I like boys' conversations more than girls'.I always hope I can eat out with them together while we laugh so pleasantly.It's just...*sigh*

Is eating out with boys,with only one girl (me) very strange?Is talking to them or teaming up with boy teams in projects odd?What kind of people does boys like(as friend)?

PS,Honestly,I think I am a person who is quite humorous,special,smart(I don't want to say that but people say so),creative,artistic,musical,friendly,and (people say)talented...

Well then will boys let me be a 'boy' too?

This is a very odd case,but I hope you can help me with all your heart...Thank you all for reading this.And if you want to say something,please don't hesitate.I would love to hear from everyone.Thank you all.


Love you Man Kuen!(You can type in Chinese if that's convenient for you.Thx for replying after reading a passage this long!!!)

Ummmmm...Thank you again then.

更新 2:

Jeff,這是你第三次回答我的問題⋯你知道我是哪個人嗎?如果所有男孩都像你一樣,光明磊落地接受異性,實在太好了。男孩子是多麼可愛活潑啊!我亦希望我能像你所提及的女孩般主動,我也有嘗試。但願我能交到男性朋友吧(boy friend,not boyfriend )!謝謝你,Jeff! :-)

更新 3:

Thank you Rania this is the second time you answered me.Thank god I am not a lesbian.And I am happy that you like boys too.They are pretty adorable aren't they?Even when a boy tells me a lame joke,I smile because of their immaturity.

更新 4:

And yea,as you say,boys like not easily angry girls,and I am.I never get angry with anyone.Even if I dislike with someone(it's very seldom),I do not show it.

更新 5:

And,sometime ago I was next to a boy(even now I am,but the seat changed.)And he seemed to like me a lot cuz I joke around.So people say he is in love with me.How stupid.So if I play with boys,I will have lots of 'boyfriends'?

更新 6:

Thx for your encouragement,I think I have the confidence to face boys now.I can't wait to be a part of 'em.They are such lively and lovely creations!I love them a lot!

更新 7:

Sorry typing mistake:Even if I dislike someone.

更新 8:

Oh really Jeff.Then I will tell you:I don't care.:-))) Who cares!You don't know my exact name or something like that,I is just so very fine!(Unless you are a hacker[are you?])Now I am kinda trembling.

更新 9:

Sorry mistake:It is just so fine.Ahem!Yea.You are not a hit man right?????Who knows.Who cares.I don't know a person who is called Jeff(Are you using a fake or real name).You 'know' who I am,not exactly.

更新 10:

But thx for returning to my question!Thank you so much.I mean it.Omg,I shouldn't use my computer any longer,I am being driven crazy,so bye!!!!!

更新 11:

Jeffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!你又來了?thank you so much!!!!!你的評價,我很早己看了,對,我就是「那人」!真高興你認出我,而且我完全理解你的話。

更新 12:

My questions are all like 'that'(you know what I mean.)Jeff,you are exactly correct(because I gave you hints*chuckle*),I am 'that person'.Thanks for recognizing me,Jeff,and I am absolute that you aren't a hacker(You aren't right?),I was just kidding :-P

更新 13:

Dear all,

Just in case I'll tell u I don't have Facebook,whatsapp(is the spelling correct?)or something similar...'right,thx for attention.

更新 14:

佩蘭,thanks for reading and thx for your valuable comments!!!

更新 15:


更新 16:



Thank you so much!!!!

更新 17:

P.S.,Jeff你的觀察力如此強,有沒有人說過你聰明呢? :•)

更新 18:

Jeff sorry I am a bit buzy these days but I can give you a reply now. I said that your observation is very good,but not because you recognized me.its because you know that I want to hide my idenity,but I felt pleased when you found me out.

更新 19:

Then you thought it was a bit strange.You found out that it is strange.Thats why I say you are smart.If you don't get what I mean never mind,since it's unimportant.Thats why.And,I was happy,since...

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    最後,我也為你那些「Thank you so much!」說聲:謝謝!

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    你英文寫很久了吧..我也看了很久, 說真的, 我有時候真的很想變男的, 我覺得女生話題真的很悶,就跟你一樣,...我在想如果你運動很好的話那些男的也許會讓你一起玩哦~性格要男生一點XD 希望能幫到你

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    that's normal:)

    sometimes i like chatting with boys more than girls as they always make jokes and they usually tell more truth than girls xD girls always keep secrets n sometimes because of comparison between classmates, they won't tell u how they think -3-

    In my view, its not hard to be friends with boys.actually, i have many male friends. Boys like playing with girls that are not easily angry ;) dun be shy, just try to play with them freely :) let them noe u can accept they make little jokes with u :')

    if u want to chat with them, u may join them while they chat. i think they will surely let u join the chat :D or u may open a topic n chat with them :P eg. topics about school life, sth happen in the lesson , or even games. then u will find that u can hv many topics though with boys ;D u may try chatting with the boys sitting near u first, then the others. if u really dun noe how to start the chat, try to chat with them on facebook or in wtsapp ( if u use a smart phone ) if u dun want to chat alone with a boy, chat in grps of ur class :) is a gd chance to make friends with boys because everyone talk casually n u just need to type, embarrassment can be surely reduced , rite??xd

    about having lunch with boys, u may first chat with them during lunch. when u can hv more topics to chat with them, u may ask them to hv lunch tgt in a casual way, like hey! lets hv lunch at XXX today. :) / how about having lunch tgt today ^^ ??

    i think that u hv this problem is just because u studied in a girls school in primary. so u seldom talk to boys n u dun noe how to communicate with them :) i'm sure everything will get better when time pass n u get closer to each other in class :)

    these r my experience :) ( i studied in co-Ed school during both primary & now secondary :D hope u can make frds with boys very soon :'D

    I SUPPORT U <3

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    u may also suggest having class lunch gathering then u may hv lunch with boys

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    Actually eating out with boys is a uasul case,it is not verystrange ! i think you

    can be more active with the boys, try to speak or chat or talk with them,they

    just chat with u like friends.Don't be afraid to chat with the boys.I think they are also really want to chat with you and make friends with you.There is no

    standard to what kind of people does boys like.

    Hope that i can help u to slove the problems. :)

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    typing mistakes : usual *