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so that

so that 既可作表示目的的從屬連接詞,也可作表示結果的從屬連接詞,在句子中怎樣分別呢?

(不是,是 that...)

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  • 8 年前

    Purpose:-Subordinate clauses of purpose are introduced by so that-----generally used may--might--shall--should;eg:-Some people eat so that they may live.

    He worked hard so that he might support the family.

    He took his shoes off,so that we should smell terribly !

    I am telling you so that you should not make a mistake.

    They are climbing high so that they MAY get a better view.

    I'll send him the proposals so that he MAY have more time to read.

    He is working late so that he MAY be freer tomorrow.

    I hide the book so that he SHOULD not see it.

    Consequence:-Subordinate clause of consequence are in the "so that" group.So that or So as a conjunction suggest consequence,eg:-

    The rain began to fall,so that we went home.

    He didn't work hard,so that he had to go begging!

    Other conjunctions in this group are therefore, accordingly, thus, hence, consequently

    We worked quick;consequently we went home early.

    He broke the rules; accordingly/hence/consequently he had to leave.

    He is pleasant so that he can be very funny.

    He is clever so that he can be promoted.

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    8 年前

    so that 完整且清楚的觀念,看陳思這裡