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通常D 英文job interview會問咩問題?同埋可以點答!

有冇人可以比D意見我? 最好比D例子我了解多D,THX,感謝



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  • jason
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    8 年前

    Job interview will generally ask you about :

    Regarding your personality: (as employers want to employ someone with a personality/interest that suits the job.)

    Tell me about your strength and weaknesses.

    How do you like about this job?

    Regarding the job:

    Why would you apply the job?

    Try to persuade me that you are capable of this job.

    What related experience do you have?


    It is impossible to list out all the questions that the interviewer may ask. But generally as an interviewer, they would want to know more about your past experience and how do you think about the job. It is essential to let the interviewer know what you know about the job.

    Try to prepare in these few categories:

    The job requirments and characteristics (just know more about the job then you can figure out what the employer want)Your past experience (try to make them match the job requirement)counter-arguments regarding your weaknessesAsk one/two in-depth question that make the interviewer believe you are ready for the job. (not about money that soon of course, unless the interviewer asks) Your apperance (well, you know about the interview skills, don't you? just give the interviewer a nice first impression)Good luck with your interview =]

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