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Galy 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前


Angel called Betty to get back her keys. When Betty went home, she wrote her a letter.

Dear Angel,

_______ (thank) you for _______ (invite) me to your birthday party. It _______ (be) fun. I _______ (enjoy) it very

much. ______ you _______ (enjoy) it?

Honestly, you _______ (have) bad eating habits. To be healthy, you must not eat too much junk food. It ______ (be) bad

for our health. _______ (eat) more vegetables and fruits instead. If you do that, you _______ (be) healthier. _____ (do) some

exercise everyday. It is good for you.

I _______ (come) to get my books next week. Please _______ (keep) them for me. Thank you.




What happened to Jade’s flower?

Jade has a pot of beautiful flowers. She waters them every day. If she _______ (not give) them water, they _______ (die).

She likes the flowers so much. If she _______ (go) to the market again, she _______ (buy) more flowers. Last week, she

went on a holiday for four days. When she returned, the flowers almost withered. So from now on, she _______ (remind) her

mother to water the plant for her if she _______ (be) away from home again.

2 個解答

  • 8 年前

    Thank, inviting, was, enjoyed, Did, enjoy, have, is, Eating, will be, do, will come, keep,

    doesn't give, will die, goes, will buy, will remind, is

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  • 8 年前


    (1)Thank,(2)inviting, (3)was, (4)enjoyed, (5)Did, (6)enjoy, (7)have (or present perfect tense) (8)is, (9)Eat, (10)will be. (11)Do, (12) I'll come, (13) keep.

    Another part:-

    (1)does(not give), (2)will(die), (3)goes, (4)will( buy), (5)will( remind,) (6)is

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