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Please help me Plagiarism that,no need to so different becauseI dont want my teacher to aware

1.One of the worst cases of abuse in the name of science was the Tuskegee syphilis study. For forty years between 1932 and 1972 the U.S. Public Health Service studied 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis, a venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. The men, mostly farmers from one of the poorest counties of Alabama, USA, were never told what disease they had or how serious it was. Their doctors simply told them that they were being treated for “bad blood”. The men assumed that the doctors were trying to cure them, but in fact the purpose of the study was to learn what syphilis would do to a person if left untreated, so the men were left to suffer from the disease.

From Jones, J. H. (1993). Bad blood: The Tuskegee syphilis experiment. New York: The Free Press.

2.Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University developed the day-reconstruction method for measuring happiness. Participants fill out a long diary and questionnaire detailing everything they did on the previous day and whom they were with at the time and rating a range of feelings during each episode (happy, impatient, depressed, worried, tired, etc.) on a seven-point scale. The method was tested on a group of 900 women in Texas with some surprising results. It turned out that the five most positive activities for these women were (in descending order) sex, socializing, relaxing, praying or meditating, and eating. Exercising and watching TV were not far behind. But way down the list was “taking care of my children,” which ranked below cooking and only slightly above housework. That may seem surprising, given that people frequently cite their children as their biggest source of delight. When asked in another poll, “What one thing in life has brought you the greatest happiness?,” 35% said it was their children or grandchildren or both.

“The New Science of Happiness,” by Claudia Wallis, Time, January 9, 2005.

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    -----Plagiarism about the paraphrase in an emergency situation(to plagiarize someone else's ideas by copy or borrow carefully)-----

    -----The most fraudulent result that Science should realise was in 1932-1972 when the US Public Health Service was treating AlaBama USA black men bad blood,in deceited as venereal disease. They were assumed being treated but were left to see what venereal disease would do to them if left untreated.

    -----The survey of questionaire developed in Princeton University for Texas under the title of measuring and rating feelings for activities ranging from sex to household works had revealed that the cooking was well above child-care at the last but one in ranking. Fortunately another poll seemed to have rank-grade on an acceptable result that better happiness were from children.

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    help me Plagiarism that

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    What do you want us to do?

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