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Orlando Travel

我同D friend準備在12月去Orlando, US travel,打算在當地留4天。我地打算去DISNEY一日,UNIVERSAL STUDIO一日。但另外兩日想不到去邊到好。請問各位有什麼建議?另外,去DISNEY and UNIVERSAL STUDIO的話,應該點樣plan好,例如酒店,交通等。


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  • Lovis
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    8 年前

    It is just too short to just go to Disney for 1 day.

    They actually have 4 (as i could remember) theme parks. One day is only good for 1 park. I already regretted that only visited 2 parks due to lack of planning.

    They have a Disney downtown and it's a fun place to go too. But don't expect too much, it might only take you 2-3 hours to walk around.

    You can stay in hotels in downtown, most of the hotel will have free shuttle to Disneyland. Buses are all over donwtown as well. As long as you ask, you will figure out the way to survive.

    資料來源: went there couple of years ago