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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 9 年前

why and how does leaning about

why and how does leaning aboutancient history open your mind

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    9 年前

    Why and how does learning about ancient history open your mind?

    Ancient history of mankind living thousand of years ago is not very factual and is not always true. The source of it relies on stories passed down through generations very often orally and not in written form.

    Despite that, the study of ancient history can open our mind because human beings, although having "evolved" tremendously from the time of early civilizations to the present technological ages, are not much different from their ancestors in their social behaviours.

    To learn about the evils and virtues of powerful monarchs, great philosophers, tribe leaders and ordinary civilians will help us understand the present world and hopefully will help us find answers to: Why is there still so many human sufferings in so many parts of the world despite the gigantic technological advances in modern times? Why do so many people still have to seek comfort from a simplistic way of life despite the abundance of ever-changing materialistic supplies available now? What exactly is human nature?

  • 9 年前

    By the written or spoken account of past events about somebody's past life,we learn the history from the book long before the dawn of recorded history.

    The then history was fascinating of a world without war.Comparing modern film,this is called ancient history(eg The Jerassic Park films..)The four ancient civilization countries are:-China,India, Egypt, and Babylon.That's the ancient history books which recorded the great achievements in ancient history only. And is "Why and how"..