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Cleo 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

eng comp[20points]

Write a short composition about a miscommunication or communication breakdown you have experienced in the past. This could be with a friend, family member or teacher. Briefly describe what happened, and how you solved the problem.

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  • 8 年前

    -------Eng compo20-------

    Mobile phone is the fastest method of communication between strangers eg(Cleo)

    Disregarding miscommunication,I have experienced a communication breakdown in the past.It could not be friend,members of family,or teacher,none but the stranger.

    The breakdown succeeded that I couldn't manage to receive the call was in no doubt due to the crowded building structures. All channels of communication were blocked and closed except a small window at the end of another sitting room!

    When I was about to receive,there was no receiving signal due to my outer ear-lobe semi-circular hard bone that accidentally struck the switch button on the off-position.

    I had to check the message for the in-coming call.

    The communication "flying cable"links system was used when I went to the library the other day.

    The links-system puts the station call to me in a convenient way. A librarian passing by heard the thunderous sound,pushing me to the toilet entrance!But the call stopped,suggesting that my ear-lobe hard bone had push the switch button off again!

    As I couldn't check any message or infornmation,I had both to send a message to and to phone-call my business friend whether he had called me up at that moment?!

    Since infornmation technology had invented everyday,shall I help stranger you,or can you cope?!