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有冇人可以幫我諗下e本書點作匯報呢. (English)


我希望匯報入面有 本書的 內容,劇情 感想.

我唔要直接copy 網上既介紹.. thankyou .

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    "They are completely bald and always wear wigs, constantly sneaking hands underneath to scratch their itchy scalps. They don't have any toes and have really broad feet, but they force their feet into narrow, fashionable shoes to blend in. They have really long, curved fingernails that they usually hide by wearing gloves. They are the witches. And the meanest, nastiest witches live in England, where a boy has just gone to live with his grandmother after his parent's tragic death.

    His grandmother always warned the boy about suspecting nice women who offer him candy - check for gloves, wigs and pinched feet. He is able to avoid the witches until his grandmother becomes ill and they go to a seaside resort where the English witches are having a convention just like normal people in the hotel. Stunned, the boy overhears the grand witch's plot to eliminate all of the children in England by feeding them candy that will turn them into mice! When he is discovered, the boy knows that the witches are going to kill him, but they test the potion on him instead. Now in mouse form, the boy and his grandmother must use all of their wits and cleverness to defeat the witches' evil scheme!

    感想:This one really amused me. Basically, it is a book about how this little boy gets turned into a mouse when he accidently ends up at the England Witches convention. He finds out where the most high witch is staying and he and his grandmother (who knows everything there is to know about witches) concoct a plan to rid the world of witches! The most amusing thing about this book is the way it describes witches, especially the part about how any woman, even your teacher who is reading you this book right now, might be one.

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  • 8 年前

    Oral presentation part 4 min.The Witches(English)don't copy pl---------

    Publish:-Puffin;The Witches:RoaldDahl208pp22Chp Setting Norway Hotel.

    Characters:-Grand High Witch;Grandma;Witch from Eng;Bruno Jenkins;Narrator( The little Boy)


    When the narrator's grandma telling her stories about witches,the boy heard the plans in the meeting from the GrandHighWitch of the World.They were cooperating with Witches of Eng.who would use magic to turn children of Eng into mice. The narrator then killed all the witches with their own86 liquid into green pea soup! The story ended with grandma and narrator planning to save the world from Witches!

    Impression for the story:-

    I guess wizard is a male Witch="ghouls" is unbelivable and unnecessary word!

    Having read the sensational story,I learnt many things could be blessing in disguise.The SupremeGrandWitch had turned the narrator into a mouse,but this act helped the boy to kill all the witches of Eng by the 86liquid. It may even help save the whole world from witches!

    Also "modern"witches were beautiful young women were funny!

    I learnt not to complain when finding a bitter life;it might be the cause of something good I have never imagined!(240words)So I have talked about 4 minutes.THX

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