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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前


(4)As this is a self employed contract, the Subcontractor is not entitled to sick pay, holiday pay or any form of employment protection.

(5)The Contractor will not control, no have right to control, in any detailed manner, how the Subcontractor is to fulfill his obligations, and the Subcontractor will use his won initiative to complete the services to be rendered. This does not prevent the Contractor from specifying the working standards to be adhered to.

(6)The Subcontractor will be paid on a basis to be agreed between the parties and reviewed from time to time.

(7)The Subcontractor will be able to benefit from his own efforts and sound management.

(8)For the purposes of clarity both the Contractor and the Subcontractor consider and intend this business relationship to be one of self employment and not one of master and servant. Specifically both parties acknowledge that the Contract for Services does not give rise to a contract of employment. Both parties considerthe Subcontractor to be in business on his own account.

(9)The Subcontractor is responsible for his own tax and insurance.

(10)The Subcontractor is responsible for maintaining public liability insurance

(11)The Subcontractor will be responsible for correcting any defective work.

(12)Both parties acknowledge that the Contract of Services can be terminated at any time with one month notice and will be periodically reviewed in any event. The Subcontractor is not under an ongoing obligation to provide services and the Contractor is not under an ongoing obligation to contract for such services.

(13)The Subcontractor shall not disclose, duplicate nor permit the duplication or disclosure of any Confidential Information to the other party or any persons.

The parties hereto have agreed to the terms and conditions as set out in this contract.

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  • 8 年前

    (4)由於這是自僱合同 , 分包商不享有病假工資,假期工資或任何形式的就業保護。

    (5) 承包商將無法控制,不具有控制權,在任何詳細的方式,,如何分包商履行自己的義務小號,和分包商使用了自己主動完成的服務呈現。 這並不妨礙承包商指定的工作標準,堅持。



    (8)清晰的承包商和分包商考慮的業務關係 ,並打算這是一個自我就業 ,而不是一個主僕的目的。 具體來說,雙方確認的服務合同不會導致僱傭合約。 雙方considerthe分包商在業務上他自己的帳戶。




    (12)雙方確認,可以在任何時候終止服務合同的一個月通知,並在任何情況下,我們將定期審查。 下持續提供服務的義務是不分包商和承包商是不是在目前這種服務合同的義務。



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