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classroom secondary english summer camp s2-s3

1.You aer a member of the editorail team of your school newslettter.Writ an article to report one of your school‘s sport events about 120 words.





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    --------School 's sport events---------

    --(Date)(Event)---A major sporting event was held on Aug5Sunday by our school.We used the SSAAS in Caroline Hill.There were excellent facilities for our school sports day. After the addressing speech of our sc Headmaster,the sports day was opened.

    All students interested in sport took part today.

    All competitors took a role-call according to rules of marshalling at the proper track-and-field sites.We were not paticularly interested in the use of drugs in sport.

    Alex, s3, from the sport team had won three gold medals in related field-and -track events and broke the sc records!

    The red team won the best" cheering team" for the most generous,cheerful and pleasant show.Our congratulation went to them.

    The headmaster gave a closing speech to close the event when all prizes were distributedThere were no school for tomorrow,then the three cheers for the sports event were crying out.

    The event closed at 3:30 pm.

    (2)As shown in diagram the thief was following the old woman.Suddenly there came a lady30 carring a shopping bag into view.Then the shopping bag had broken,a lot of things,goods,sent down on the ground,which had been picked up,and helped by the old woman.

    This gave thief a chance to open her back-sachet and robbing her in the street!

    The lady watched and shouted to the thief.Since the old woman's turning was slow,the thief took the purse,kicked her body,and ran away.

    Alas!many things,including the back-sachet,were spread out on the pavement.

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