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An Accident in the park英文作文點作>



1.What was the boy doing?

2.Where was the boy?

3.What was the old woman doing?

4.What happened to the old woman?

5.What did the boy do?

6.What happened at last?

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  • 8 年前

    -----An Accident In The Park200--------

    ---During the summer holidays the large Sun Nga Rd Playground near Kwun Tong was full of students playing ball games ,biking, and children's park games.

    ---This morning the boy was playing on the slide in the park.He was playing by sliding down the slippery surface.He slipped at the end of the slide with a great force. Hence the boy was at the end of slide when suddenly an old woman(80) walking by was picking up several tin-cans of coke near the end of sliding standing station.That was what the old woman (80) was doing.

    -----What happened to the old woman(80) was she was knocked down on the concret ground by a bike before the boy hit her.

    ----The lorry man on the bike did not attend her but was driven away at great Sau Mau Ping Road direction.

    ----The whole scene was an awe-inspiing sight.At first the boy could do nothing,but later he was much impressed and helpful by lifting up the old woman(80) and cried for help.

    ----Suddenly an official park-car with 4 men was driven by and saw what had happened.

    ----What happened at last was that they helped the old woman(80) on the car and drove to the Emergency and Accident Hospital nearby,leaving the boy behind!(200 words)

  • 8 年前

    作文~An Accident in the park 意思是 在公園裡發生的一件意外。

    What was the boy doing?

    例如 個男仔玩緊滑梯

    The boy was playing on the slide