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Willy Wilson wants to learn about a student's life in hong kong.Write about a typical day in your life in about 150 words.

Introduction:give background information about yourself, e.g. name,age, where you live.

Body: Talk about your daily activities,e.g. What time do you go to school? How do you get to school? What do you usually do after school ? What do you usually do in the evening?

Conclusion:Summarize your article. Do you like your daily life? Why / Why not?

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    -----Willy Wilson's Composition Reading-----

    Being a Form2 student ,14, in Shaukiwan,I study in a famous Secondary Sc (All Rich).Being called Christine,I have studied hard,but am I?

    As my daily activities include going to sc with my friends at 8:15 am by walking,and do not go home but stay in sc until closing time for sc activities,which so great would be our academic rewards to see ,and all the rich awards,achievement of our future to obtain; not to mention the time saved here. I am just too lazy because I spend too much time in playing games on the Internet .Four years later (s2-s6) I 'll be sitting DSE.My life will be all different by going to university,and yet remain the same by playing games.They run through all the homework ;yet I seemed to surpass them by copying.Unless I make up my mind to get rid of such a bad habit from now on------asking the fellow-students to do the homework for me,I could not be admired ,respected or seeing my future!

    In the evening I usually go to work part time in the fast food shops to earn some money .I like to be socialized to learn something.

    Summarizing my article,I like my daily life for one day,as long as I get rid of bad habits.

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    Good and thank you for your 15 marks! I appreciate that you can afford much 15 marks! The value of your study may build up! Hope you are successful! My dear students!

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    Thank you too~

    I have changed about the article (i haven't copy it all)

    But the way Thx about you Reference answer.