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英文問題 2012/8/26 (2)

Complete the passage below with suitable passive forms of verbs

On Sunday, some TV fans sit glued to the television watching the above-mentioned

programme, which is one of the most popular shows.

In the show,teenage models (1)_________(invite) to demonstrate how to cook.

Expensive ingredients such as lobsters and king crabs (2)__________(use) .

Unfortunately, these expensive foods end up (3)____________(waste) by teenage

models, who may not know how to cook anything well.

If we take a look at the outside world, many people do not have sufficient foods to

eat. These less fortunate people (4)__________(neglect) from time to time. Worse

still, some of them are dying because of hunger.

Another comment about this programme is it focuses on the figure of the teenage

models. The models wear skimpy clothing. It (5)_________(screen) during prime

time. This show has a bad influence on teenagers.

It is not a wholesome family show even it is very popular . Producers and directors

have to consider how much food (6)___________(waste) and how teenagers' value

towards food may (7)__________(affect). It does not set a good example for

teenagers to follow.

What should we do then? Young kids must (8)__________(guide) by parents

whenever they turn on the television. Also, advise needs (9)__________(give) to

school children by teachers to choose the right programmes for them.

Not every programme is suitable for teenagers. It has to (10)_________(scan)

by the authority before showing at prome time.

Last week, more than 100 complaints (11)__________(make) by television

viewers. They complained that the programme (12)___________(scan) properly

before it was shown to the public. It is not suitable for children as it has set a

very bad example for children to follow, i.e. a waste of precious food.

2 個解答

  • 9 年前

    1. are invited

    2. are used

    3. wasted

    4. neglected

    5. is screened

    6. are wasted

    7. be affected

    8. be guided

    9. to give

    10 . be scanned

    11.are made

    12. is scanned

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  • 9 年前

    -----eng ques 2012/8/26 (2):-passive has connected with the form of a verb used when the subject is affected by the action of the verb;eg:-She was invited to TV.

    (1)are invited

    (2)are used

    (3)to be wasted

    (4)are neglected

    (5)is screened

    (6)are wasted

    (7)be affected

    (8)be guided

    (9)to be given

    (10)be scanned =,( to) be scanned

    (11)were made

    (12)be scanned