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英文問題 2012/8/25

Dear Editor,

I (1)________(write) in response to the letter '' (2)____________(love) parents

and teachers are the best drugs deterrents''.Despite the fact that the government

and private sectors (3)____________(launch) some campaigns against drug abuse,

the number of teenage drug users (4)_________(increase) recently

Some polite officers (5)________(investigate) a crime committed yesterday

morning by some teenagers who might have taken drugs. Some of them

(6)_________(still study) or under the supervision of the after-care probation officers

The crime rates committed by juvenile (7)_________(still increase) now though

sociologists say that it is easier to detect crimes made by teenagers as they are

not professional.

Prevention is better than cure. It is easier to prevent teenagers from

(8)________(take) drugs rather than (9)___________(try) to stop them when the crimes have already been committed.

A (10)_______(care) attitude form parents and teachers can develop and maintain closer ties with teenagers. Though a lot of efforts (11)__________(go on) to help our

younger generation, I still believe that the collaboration of schools and families is

the best way to save the less fortunate teenagers who have already suffered from

the drug menace.

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  • 8 年前

    2012/8/25.with Eng.questions:-

    (1)am writing


    (3)are launching

    (4)have increased

    (5)were investigating

    (6)are still studying

    (7)are still increasing




    (11)have been going on

    ----(-menace=serious damage, harm.)