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淑婷 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前



Complete the following sentences using the correct from of words given in bracket

1. Playing squash is __________than playing golf.(exciting)

2.It is_________to open a car without a car opener .(difficult)

3.__________time of the year is during summer.(humid)

4.Oil is a ____________liquid than water.(thick)

5.Diamonds are_________jewels.(precious)

Complete the article with the correct pronouns like ''I'',''me'',''my'',''mine'',''myself''...

Many people can use ICQ to communicate with people from different countries.

You can also improve_________English and learn more about the culture in

other part of the world.

When you get bored,________can switch on_____computer and talk to your pen-pals.______is much faster than writing a letter.You only need a computer of____ own and your communications with friends are private and confidential.

By contrast,talking to pen-pals through ICQ may be a bit dangerous.If you tell____all your secrets,they may take advantage of you.ICQ may be more suitable for

adults because________are more mature.


What is their meaning

1.Butterfiy 2. Medley 3.Relay

Design & Technology

Hacksaw 1 A.cutting fine amounts of material from a work.

Electric Soldering Bits 2 B.joining metals togrther by a fusion of alloys.

Hand File 3 C.cutting materials such as metal or bone.

Ball-Pein Hammer 4 D.shaping metals

Steel Rule 5 E. measuring length

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  • 8 年前

    To F1 shu:-

    (1)much exciting,(2)DIFFICULT (A CAN--spelling error) ,(3)MOST HUMID(ADJ),(4)MUCH THICKER,(5)PRECIOUS

    B(1)your,(2)you,(3)your,(4)It, (5)your, (6)them, (7)they.

    PE Swimming(`1)Butterfly=Dolphine=2 arms stretched

    (2)Medley=single athelete 4 styles on butterfly,back stroke,breaststroke,crawl.

    (3)Relay=4 atheletes 4 styles

    Tools in Toolbox are shown:-1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E,

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