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1 When the fuel burns in a steam engine, steam is produced to drive the__, which drives the generator to generate electricity

2 When someone speaks,he/she gives out__energy

3 When a lamp is switched on,__energy is changed to light energy

4 We must take safety __s to avoid accidents during the transportation of fuels

5 We may get an__if we touch an electric socket with wet hands

6 To boil a beaker of water,a piece of __should be placed on a tripod to support the beaker

7 The particles in a solid cannot move freely.Each particle only __s about a fixed position

8 The__is a device that changes kinetic energy to electrical energy

9 The__can control the movement of substances into and out of a cell

10 Some plants become endangered because they are__for gardening or medicinal purposes

11Sea water can be changed to drinking water by__in a desalination plant

12Polar bears have a thick layer of fur on their skin.They are classified as__

13Nuclear power stations produce __waste which is hazardous to living things

14Many plants __by producing seeds

15Mammals produce milk from their__to feed their young

16Lizards are classified as__ Their body __changes with the environment

17Living things are classified according to their___ in body structures

18Liquids have fixed__ but no fixed__

19In living things,new cells are formed through__s

20Ferns,pines and mosses belong to the group of__ plants

21Chemicals in the laboratory may be corrosive,flammable,harmful or toxic.We should pay attention to the__s on their containers

22 Building large dams for a__power station will destroy natural habitats

23A windmill uses the __energy of wind to do work

24A spring gains__ energy when it is stretched

25A __shows the feeding relationship between living things

26__means turning used material into new products

27__are formed from remains of plants and animals that have been buried underground for millions of years.

28__and ozone can be added to kill micro-organisms

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  • 8 年前

    1. turbine

    2. sound

    3. electrical

    4. precaution???

    5. electric shock

    6. wire gauze

    7. vibrate

    8. generator

    9. cell membrane

    10. used

    11. distillation

    12. mammals

    13. nuclear/radioactive

    14. reproduce

    15. mammary gland

    16. reptiles, temperature

    17. features

    18. volume, shape

    19. mitosis???

    20. non-flowering

    21. label

    22. hydroelectric

    23. kinetic

    24. potential

    25. food chain

    26. Recycling???

    27. Fossils

    28. chlorine

    some are not sure so check your textbook!

    資料來源: Im a techer of lower form IS
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