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grammer 一問?

1. 如果想問位訪客去邊,而我是想知佢去邊間房開會。

which room do you go for the meeting? 或是 where do you join your meeting?


2.有個訪客BOOK 了兩個活動,以email通知將第一個活動改期,。我想問他是否是想將第二個活動一同改期的話...

is this activity also delayed on coming saturday?


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  • 8 年前

    1. Which room are you going for the meeting?



    Would you like to postpone (or reschedule) the second activity as well?


    Since the first activity has been rescheduled, I am wondering if the second activity you have booked for this Saturday will also be postponed ?

    [Can you get back to me with an alternative date and time if there is any change?] ~ 如果喜歡, 可加這句子


    使用 postpone, reschedule 比較適宜

    delay = to wait until a later time; to make something late

    postpone = to change the date or time of a planned event or action to a later one

    reschedule = to arrange for something to happen at a different time from the one that was previously planned

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary
  • 8 年前

    (1)Which room are you going for the business meeting?

    (2)Since your first activity booking has been delayed,

    ---is the second activity to be delayed as well?

  • 8 年前

    1) Which room are you going for the meeting?

    2) Do you want to delay the second activity as well?

    資料來源: me