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two composition!fast!20marks!

please help me to write two composition about this two topic!

(about 80 words):

1.My favourite pet

2.A family picnic

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  • 8 年前

    (1)My favourite pet:-

    Pet is an animal that I have kept at home for pleasure rather than kept for work.Of course I can train a dogs-body to be my assistant and servant.Now it happened that my pet dog comes from somewhere. Since my father is a rank-and -file fireservice officer and he loves pet dogs,he was given pet dog to be trained to rescue people in fire situations!

    What's wrong to get the pet?We can't rear any dogs in the building,so my father claimed to move to New Territories Gov.estates to train it domestic to military!It was given special attention to be trained by us and sometimes other staffs.Pet food are to be awarded and supplied by our co.Recently improvments were shown that it can save the duplicated dummy successfully.Further more it will be given to us when retired eight years later!Hence I considered it to be my favourite pet.(160 words)

    (2) A family picnic:-

    A family picnic is an occasion when a family pack a meal and take it to eat outdoors,especially in the countryside.Since my parents are free on a SaturdayJuly--,we had a picnic to Sai Kung Country Park.

    It was quite a different picnic in that we were driven by my ranking-officer father in our car.

    Being a nice day,we had a picnic into the Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre. My brother&I played a lot of outdoor games for children including hide-&-seek,roller-skating,skate-boarding,and some table-tennis.

    We drove to another similar Centre for a free picnic lunch&then travelled to Lions Nature Educat. centre for other outdoor games.We learnt how to be polite behavioured,well-mannered to other outdoor family members!

    We had to invite them with a free picnic afternoon tea,including sandwiches,salad&fruit etc.

    We drove home from the original Recreation Centre accompanied by others to Shatin.We had 8 picnickers altogether and it was quite a different picnic!

    (180 words)

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