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Chemical Bonding(1 question)

There is a statement:

An ionic compound is formed only between metals and non-metals

Q:Why is it wrong ?哪semi-metals 是什麼Bond,也可以是 ionic bond嗎?

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    A typical example would be ammonium compounds, e.g. ammonium chloride, ammonium sulphate, ammonium carbonate.

    Ammonium ion (NH4+) is composed of 1 nitrogen atom forming 4 covalent bonds with 4 hydrogen atoms. All of its constituent elements are non-metals. therefore, the statement is wrong.

    for semi-metals, they usually form covalent bonds and rarely form ions.

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    semi-metals are quite unusual. they have non-octet structures in their compounds, e.g. BF3.

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    大部份ionic compound都係between metals & non-metals

    但ionic compound既定義係指cation+anion組成既compound

    一d compound如ammonium chloride(NH4Cl)係stable compound而佢係由cation(e.g. NH4+) & anion(e.g Cl-)組成的,但佢全部由non-metals組成