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列如famine 飢荒




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    AIDS 愛滋病 (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

    Animism 萬物有靈論

    Apartheid 種族隔離

    Civil War 內戰

    Clan 氏族; 部落

    Colonialism 殖民主義

    Corrupt 貪污

    Coup 政變

    Deforestation 森林開伐

    Desertification 沙漠化

    Drought 乾旱

    Epidemic 流行病, 時疫

    Foreign aid 外援

    Fraud 欺詐

    Genocide 集體大屠殺

    Hunger 饑餓

    Malaria 瘧疾

    Malnutrition 營養不良

    Poverty 貧窮

    Racism 種族主義

    Rainforest 雨林

    Refugees 難民

    Subsidies 財政援助

    Tribe 部落


    Hunger 饑餓

    Malnutrition 營養不良

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    没有 包括 Famine 飢荒, 是因你例子已經有

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    African n someone from Africa.

    African American n an American whose family originally came from Africa,especially as slaves,,negro.

    Afrikaans n a language of South Africa that is similar to Dutch

    Afrikaner n a South African whose family came from the Dutch people who settled there in the 1600s.

    Afro- prefix !) of Africa;an Afro-American(=a black American person)

    ----------------2)African and:Afro-Asian (=of both Africa and Asia)

    famine---a situation in which a large number of people have little or no food for a long time,and many people die.

    recovery program-----a course of treatment for people who are addicted to drugs,alcohol,aids.

    AIDS-----Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome;is a very serious disease caused by a virus that stops your body from defending itself against infections. AIDS are found in Africa.

    Egypt is world's earliest centres of civilization.Later colonies became as independent states.

    African elephants is larger than the Indian elephant and has much larger ears.

    African National Congress (ANC) 1912,securing racial equality and black representation in Paliament.Nelson Mandela became the new President of South Africa April 1994.