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飛機師入職條件 要即日回答!!!急!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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    The three Second Officer entry programmes are:

    Cadet Pilot Programme – a 61-week programme for applicants with low experience and no ICAO CPL. Preference for this programme will be given to HKID holders.Advanced Entry – a 32-week programme for applicants who possess an ICAO CPL and have in excess of 250 hours flight time in specified categories.Transition Training – a 14-week programme for applicants with an ICAO ATPL, with a minimum of 1500 hours total time, including 500 hours multi-engine time with a MTOW greater than 2000kg.Training is conducted at Flight Training Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia. Training consists of technical ground school, HK ATPL subjects and flight training. All programmes introduce and/or consolidate jet aircraft operation, multi-crew operations, safety standards, efficient operation, passenger considerations and flight operation disciplines.

    To be considered for a flying career with us you must:

    Have an excellent command of written and spoken EnglishBe physically fit and qualify for a Class I MedicalMeet flight deck reach requirements which is subject to a functional reach testHave completed secondary school and have good passes in mathematics and science, or have a degree or diploma, or have passes in all ATPL subjectsShare our passion for aviation

    資料來源: www.cathaypacific.com
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