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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

Book Report!!! 急!!! X100000000

大家可唔可以幫我一個忙呀??? , 有一個英文Book Report!!! 唔系好識做!!! , 我有嘗試做過 , 但系我都系唔識做!!! , 所以我希望大家可以幫下小妹一個忙呀??? , 要 writer 一個故事大鋼和讀後感想!!

書名: Ring of Bright Water

出版社: Penguin Readers

作者: Gavin Maxwell

PLEASE HELP ME!!! , I will very very very Thank you U So MUCH !!!! ;D

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  • 8 年前


    In Ring of Bright Water Gavin Maxwell tells of the lonely, roadless cottage on the West Highland seaboard which for ten years has been the background to his foreign travels, and which he looks upon as his real home.

    When He first came to the cottage, Camusfeàrna, it was an empty shell, uninhabited for years. "A Robinson Crusoe or Swiss Family Robinson instinct is latent in most of us, perhaps from our childhood games of housekeeping", he says; and since, "if one waits long enough practically every household object will sooner or later turn up on the beaches within a mile of the house", this cottage has been furnished in this way with little resource to shops.

    Mr. Maxwell writes movingly about his remote home, about the unspoilt landscape and the wild life he has encountered there. But the hero of the book is perhaps his pet otter, Mijbil, who shared the cottage with him. After his dog had died, Gavin Maxwell brought this otter cub back from the Tigris marshes; it turned out to be a creature unknow to science, and was later christened by the scientific world with Maxwell's own name.

    The otter, as intelligent and affectionate as any dog, ran free at the cottage, always returning at night to sleep in the author's bed. The part this charming pet played in the author's life ended abruptly and tragically; Mijbil, trusting and confiding as always, was arbitrarily killed by a road-mender with a pick-axe.

    The only thing to do was to find another pet otter and in this the author was assisted by the weird coincidence of encountering a tame one in Scotland, the property of a doctor on leave from Nigeria. Gavin Maxwell acquired it and Edal, the new otter, became Mijbil's successor at Camusfeàrna, "playing in the burn and sleeping before the hearth".

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