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JESSIE 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

可以點介紹electrical engineer??用英文!

我要作一篇文關於 electrical engineer,,用英文作,,系講我系一名electrical engineer,,講我可以點去幫人,,幫邊個,,份工系點,,要做d咩,,點解我想做呢份工,,同最後講我讀完書要做呢一份工!!

我唔系好了解electrical engineer系點,,所以想搵人幫下我呀!!!唔該!!萬份感激!!!

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  • 8 年前

    I still vividly remenber, to these days, I had my first little shinny bright red colour car - yes, I mean a toy car ! It was a birhday present bought by my uncle when I was six years old. I was so excited that the car was on the floor in a flash with its beautifull box torn open.

    I was fascinated and puzzled by its movement when I press a button on a small square black box that had a wire attached on it.Years later I realized it was so called - a remote battery controlled racing car.

    At the age of twelve , I was interest and wonder how eletricity that can do all sort of things and all kind of things would come to a stand still if without it. The night would be a pitch dark that I could not go out to play with my best friends. All transport could not moved that I would have to walk hours and hours to my school. I was very scare ! But then- I was only twelve years old.

    At that tender age ,I had planted a seed of electrical engineer in my mind.

    I wanted to study in Electrical Engineering, I wanted to research and design a turbine that could generate more electricity but use less fuel. I wanted to design a electricity transmission network that would cost less with higher efficiency that could reach far and remote rural region that many many poorer people live. If I was given the opportunity to study this course, I am confident I would excel in this subject. I can see myself involve in the field of Hydro electricity, Wind Drive electricity etc. when I graduated.

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  • 8 年前

    No offence:

    Graduation from electrical engineering ???

    You graduated from university, high school, medical school…etc

    You graduated in electrical engineering, physics .. etc

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  • 8 年前

    If you want to be an electrical engineer you must be someone who controls the engines on a ship or aircraft.And repairs electrical or mechanical equipment. Look for the electrical fault.

    You must know how an electric machine,light works using electricity,using electric wire,plug,using electric current and flow of electricty by inventing an electric heater,an electric blanket with electric wires in it;electric chair in which criminals are killed to punish.

    You must know turbine as an engine or motor in which the pressure of a liquid or gas,steam or wind moves a special wheel around to generate electricity.After graduation from electrical engineering, you can apply scientific knowledge to the design,building and control of machines, electrical equipment etc.

    資料來源: google website
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