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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

中譯英 (不要網譯)



1、已裝上1樓的玻璃為 A1, 從室外看,此玻璃与原来的玻璃颜色有不同,比原来的玻璃更黄、白。未能达到业主的要求:新装的玻璃與原来的玻璃從室外看颜色一致


2、放在地下的玻璃为B1, 跟原來從1樓拆下来的玻璃,無明顯的颜色分别(應该是观察条件的原因) 後續,我們跟進的計劃如下:




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  • 8 年前

    With reference to sample clour

    We had a survey at the hotel show room yesterday. Our report as below:

    1 The glass of which already installed on the first floor is named A1, looking from outside, it does not match the original colour .It looks too dull yellow.

    This does not comply with the owner's requirement.

    Newly installed glass, its colour match the original when observes from outside

    Observation made from inside toward the direction of outside shown no double vision effect, light penetration ration is very high, so this is inline with the owner's requirement.

    2 The glass which laid down on the flooor named B1 has no obvious difference in colour from those that was taken down from the first floor

    (possibly due to observation condition )

    Finally,our follow up would be as below:

    This Friday ( tomorrow ) , We will sent a professional individual to confirm and verify the situation. We will contact CC company and request the return of the dismantle original glass from the first floor to be transport back th the factory.

    We will ajust the colour to match the colour of the original glass and expect to finnish this process within two weeks time. We are confident and certain that we can archived to the colour as stated.

    3 We are planning a simulation program at our factory in order to make sure all new and old glasses colour are to be matched exactly the same.

    It looks slightly dull yellow. This does up comply with the owner's requirement.

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  • 8 年前

    According to the model color thing

    Yesterday afternoon, we view the situation of the hotel model, as follows:

    1, has been installed on a floor of glass A1, from the outside, the glass and the glass color is different than the original glass, yellow, white. Failed to meet the requirements of owners: the newly installed glass and glass from the outside to see the same color

    From the indoor to the outdoor observation, no ghosting, high transmittance, and basically reached the expectations of the owners.

    2, the glass on the ground floor for B1, with the original glass removed from the 1st floor, no obvious color (should be observed conditions)

    Follow-up, we followed the plan as follows:

    1, this Friday (tomorrow) from the factory to send someone to the hotel again to observe and verify the situation and the cc company, arrangements will shipped back to the factory floor, remove the original glass.

    2, this removed the original glass to the standard version, debug again, planned commissioning is completed within two weeks, we believe that the factory is fully capable to achieve consistency with the original glass color.

    3, we plan to simulation in the factory mounted on the wall after viewing conditions, to compare the old and new glass colors to ensure that old and new glass installed on the wall the same color.

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  • 8 年前

    In accordance with the relevant model color

    Yesterday afternoon, we looked at the hotel model, as follows:

    1, was fitted with glass, 1 floor, A1, seen from the outdoor, color of the glass and the glass has a different, more yellow than the original glass, white. Fails to meet the requirements of owners: the new color of the glass and the glass from the outside

    From indoor to outdoor observation, no ghosting, high transmittance, meet the expectations of owners.

    2, placed at the ground floor of the glass-B1, 1 floor down the glass with no visible color respectively (should be the viewing conditions cause)

    Next, we plan to follow up are as follows:

    1, this Friday (tomorrow), sent to the hotel by the factory, observation and verification of the above again, and contact your cc company, cause 1 floor down the glass to be shipped back to the factory.

    2, 1 floor down to the original glass as Standard Edition, and debug again, planning to debugging is completed within two weeks, our factory is considered to be consistent with the original glass colors.

    3, we are planning to plant simulation loading on the wall for viewing conditions, comparing the old and new colors of glass to ensure loading on the wall for old and new glass color.

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  • 8 年前





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