Today I wake up at ??

Today I wake up at ten o’clock earlier than yesterday,

我今日起身十點鐘, 比昨天早起了.

I switch on television and feed the dogs as usual,

如常, 開電視, 餵狗

Suddenly one dog of them, 囡囡 barks loudly towards the door and 東東 runs out faster from the small room at the same time.

突然, 其中一隻, 囡囡, 向住門口好大聲bark在,同一時間東東也好快地由細房走了出來.

I open door quietly and look over outside. Hey, just a cat is running through our doorway.

我輕聲地打開門跟著向外檢查一吓, hey, 原來一隻猫在問口走過.

I feel the floor so wet when I step back my home.

當我踏回家裏, 我感覺地下很濕.

I remember that 東東 ran into a glass of water when outdoor was being made sound.

我記得了,, 當門口傳出聲音, 東東走出來時碰到一杯水.

I look for 東東 immediately. But 東東 already has slept like a baby on the bed.

我立刻找尋東東, 但原來東東已回床睡著了,還睡到好像個bb一樣.

At first, I want to blame him, but now I just touch his head.

本來都想駡駡他, 但現在變了摸摸他頭.

I clean quickly round and prepare excellent food for me.


It is a special day, everyone has a different day or thing in their live like me,


This is a great example, It has the firstly and the end basically..



註: 東東和囡囡是一隻狗..


因這個中文故事是人家幫我想的..她說: 這樣才有頭有尾..不過文中提到的狗和我


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    如果這些是記敘/記述的報告,應該是用past tense的(隨非你是在述說一些永恆不變的定律才用present tense)Today I woke up at ten o’clock, which is earlier than yesterday, I switched on the television and fed the dogs as usual,

    Suddenly one of the dogs, 囡囡, barked loudly towards the door and at the same time東東 ran quickly out from the small room.

    I opened the door quietly and looked [] outside. [Hey,](不需要) There was just a cat [] running across our doorway. I felt the floor was wet when I step back into my home.

    I remembered that 東東 ran over a glass of water when we heard the sound outside the door. I looked for 東東 immediately. But 東東had already slept like a baby on the bed.

    At first, I wanted to blame him, but now I just touched his head. I cleaned up quickly and prepare excellent food for myself.

    It was a special day, I think everyone has a days or events in their lives like this,

    This was a great example, from the beginning till the end.[最後一句唔明你講甚麼…「幾乜的例子」…「有乜頭乜尾」,只能寫番似一點英文句]

  • 我是暫時幫人睇住,,.狗狗不是我的

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    Hello bow-wow you're a dog-like lover lady,according to what they said!

    Error and correction:-

    Just a cat running through=adv cl of reason

    When door-bell chimmed

    I looked for

    When everyone has

    It has the begin and end basically.

    Had already slept---I cleaned.

    2012-04-24 17:56:19 補充:

    If the two dogs are not yours,then you are a dog warden just taking the dogs for a walk,for dog food, for the barking.

    資料來源: eng gm bk
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    had already slept like a baby

    I cleaned it immidiately

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