story of disco??

Peoples like to go to disco draining their self large energy. 人們現在很喜歡去 disco 發洩他們的無窮精力.

Some day most peoples were dancing in XX Disco, suddenly most polices of casuals crowed into it when every body was playing happy 在某一天, 某某disco 有很多人正在跳舞, 突然間有很多便衣警察湧進內, 當大家好開心地玩樂.. The polices lined the peoples up against a wall, and said: “men stand at right side, women stand at left side, show your identity card quickly for us checking,” 警察把他們靠牆排成一直線, 跟著說: 男的站右邊, 女的站左邊, 快快拿出身份證出來給我們檢查.

Nowadays policemen check citizen’s identity card in service shop of the evening as quite regular. 在現時的社會警察到,在晚上開業的店鋪檢查身份證是很正常的事




How the translation is???

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    The red ones are the corrected words

    Nowadays,people like to go to disco to drain their boundless energy.

    人們現在很喜歡去 disco 發洩他們的無窮精力.

    One day many people were dancing and playing in XX Disco happily when suddenly some plainclothes policemen inrushing .

    在某一天, 某某disco 有很多人正在跳舞, 突然間有很多便衣警察湧進內, 當大家好開心地玩樂.

    The polices asked the people to lined up beside the wall ,and said:"Male stand at the right side while female stand at the left side.Show your identity card for us to check now ."

    警察把他們靠牆排成一直線, 跟著說: 男的站右邊, 女的站左邊, 快快拿出身份證出來給我們檢查.

    Nowadays, it is very common for the policemen to check citizens' identity card at service shop in the evening regularly.


    p.s.I hope I can help you.

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    How the translation is???

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