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1.on cloud nine


e.g. He has been on cloud nine ever since she promised to marry him.



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    1.- When I received the concert tickets for Muse I was on cloud nine!-overjoyed.

    2.- When my sister opened her birthday card and a cheque fell out she was tickled pink. - pleased

    3.- When my brother returned home from the pub late last night I could see that he was pie-eyed. - drunk

    4.- When I was waiting to go on stage to perform in front of the whole school I had butterflies in my stomach. - nervous

    5.- When I finished my twelve hour shift at the supermarket I was completely zonked out. - exhausted

    6.- When Alan Forrester looked me in the eye at registration this morning I went weak at the knees. - in love

    7.- When my brother kept playing the same Rihanna song over and over again at full volume I told him, "You're driving me up the wall!" - annoying.

    8.- When I went on the Big One rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach my heart was in my mouth. - terrified.

    9.- When my brother wouldn't stop going on about problems with his love life I told him not to be such a moaning Minnie. - complaining.

    10.- When my dad came home from work and just slumped in his armchair without saying a word, I asked him, "Why the long face?" - sad

    Idioms that mean that you are absolutely delighted!

    11.-over the moon: "He was over the moon when he heard the news."

    12.-thrilled to bits: "She was thrilled to bits with her new bicycle."

    13.-in seventh heaven: "They were in seventh heaven when they learned they'd won a cruise."

    14.-on cloud nine: "When I got the job, I was on cloud nine for several weeks."

    15.-jump for joy: "We jumped for joy when we got the mortgage."

    These idioms mean you are feeling sad.

    16.-down in the dumps: "When she left him, he was down in the dumps for a couple of weeks."

    17.-feel blue: "She felt a little blue when she lost her job."

    18.beside yourself (with grief, worry): "When her son went missing, she was beside herself with worry."

    Annoyed because missing an opportunity

    19.-sick as a parrot: "He was as sick as a parrot when he realised he had thrown away his lottery ticket."

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    These idioms mean that you are very angry.

    20.-see red: "Don't talk to him about his boss - it just makes him see red!"

    21.-hopping mad: "She was hopping mad when she found out her daughter had disobeyed her."

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    22.-in a black mood: "Be careful what you say - she's in a black mood today."

    Less angry idioms.

    23.-cheesed off: "I was really cheesed off when I lost the competition."

    24.-to not be on speaking terms: "They're not on speaking terms at the moment after their row."

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    25.-To be off someone's Christmas card list: "Oh dear. I think I'm off her Christmas card list after insulting her husband!"

    26.-have a downer on someone: "What's John done? You seem to have a real downer on him."

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    27.-rub someone up the wrong way: "Those two are always arguing. They just seem to rub each other up the wrong way."

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    In desperation

    These idioms mean you don't know what to do.

    28.-at the end of your tether: "I just can't cope. I'm at the end of my tether with all these bills and debts."

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    29.-at your wits' end: "He's at his wits' end. He's tried everything to solve the problem, but nothing has worked."

    In fear

    30.- scared to death: You scared him to death. (scared him a lot)

    31.- shaking in our boots:We were all shaking in our boots.(trembling with fear)

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    At his wits' end (esp. in US )

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    "drive me up the wall" oftentimes (especially in US) also means "drive me crazy".