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restaurant and canteen

restaurant and canteen different

三個or以上 different



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    Restaurant – waiters and waitress serve you.

    Canteen – self-served.


    Restaurant – Some of them have a license to sell spirits and wine.

    Canteen – They only sell tea, coffee and soft drinks.


    Restaurant – All customers are expected to pay tips for the service.

    Canteen – No tips.


    Restaurant – They usually have good cutlery.

    Canteen – They only provide basic cutlery.


    Restaurant – The food are relatively expensive.

    Canteen – The food are cheap.


    Restaurant – You can reserve a table in some restaurants.

    Canteen – First come, first serve.


    Restaurant – They have a menu catering for different occasions.

    Canteen – Their menus are pretty standard, usually on a billboard. You don’t expect exotic food from them..


    Restaurant – are located in various places, e.g. shopping malls

    Canteen – a place in school, factory, hospital, organization etc.


    Restaurant – They are run as a business ~ for profit.

    Canteen – They may be subsidized by organizations, schools etc ~ for the benefit of students, employees


    Restaurant – open for longer hours.

    Canteen – usually close at night and a lot of them are open only at meal time.

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    difference between restaurant and canteen

    1) canteen is normally in a school or an organization.- i.e school canteen

    2) canteen is opened for members or staff only - school canteen for students or teachers or staff only

    hotel canteen for staffs only.

    3) Price at Canteen is normally cheaper than restaurant.

    4) decoration may be as luxury as a restaurant

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    East China Sea ‧ Sea Restaurant (Hong Kong Group)

    Super Star Group Super Star Group.

    Federal Restaurant Group

    資料來源: yahoo
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