The Real Treasure

Act 1

(Alive, Sam and Molly are at a youth camp.They are taking in a treasure hunt organised by the camp instructor.)

Instructor : Welcome to the treasure hunt, everyone!You're probably wondering what the treasure is, aren't you?Well,here's a cule--'I have a head and a tail, but no legs.'

Sam : That's easy -- a coin!Is the treasure money?

Instructor : The answer is a coin.But is the treasure money?You'll have to find out at the end of the hunt.Here's a map of the camp.The clue for the location of the next clue is on it.Good luck! (hands the map to Molly)

Molly : (looking at the map) The clue is 'When you buy me, I'm black.When you use me, I'm red.When you throw me away.I'm grey.'

Sam : Simple!It's charcoal!

Alice : Where can we find charcoal?

Molly : The barbecue site!Let's go there!

(They run to the barbecue site and start looking for the next clue.)

Alice : (holding up a strip of paper)Found it! It was inside this barbecue pit.

Sam : Read it out.

Alice : ' Which room has the most stories?'

Molly : Um...the Reading Room -- it has lots of storybooks.

Sam : Well done, Molly.Let's go!

(As they are running, Sam trips over a branch and falls.)Sam : Ouch!(suddenly sees something under a bush)Hey, what's that?(picks up a dirty coin).

Molly : (glances at the coin)It's just a dollar coin.

Sam : (removing the dirt)No, it's not.I think it's made of gold.

Alice : Really?(grabs the coin)Maybe there's a real treasure around here...

1) At the beginning of the drama script, Alice, Sam and Molly are___

A) getting ready for a game, B) hiding a coin, C) looking for money, D) looking for a map


2) Alice, Sam and Molly have to find_________.

A) the location of a map, B) charcoal for their campfire, C) clues for places, D) a place for their barbecue

更新 2:

3) Who manages to solve some of the clues in the treasure hunt?

A) Molly and the instructor, B) Alice and the instructor, C) Sam and Molly, D) Alice and Sam

更新 3:

4) Alice, Sam and Molly run to the Reading Room to find_____.

A) some books, B) another clue, C) some coins, D) stories

5) Sam finds the dirty coin____

A) on a tree, B) using the clues, C) using the map of the camp, D) by chance

4 個解答

  • 9 年前

    1) A the location of a map

    2) C clues for places

    3) D Alice and Sam

    4) D stories

    5) D by chance

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    You are a bad children

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    I am a bad children !!!!!!!!!

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  • 9 年前

    The answer is A. Hope it can help you.^^

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