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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

The cost is expensive?

I know that the price is high but not "the price is expensive".

I know "the cost is high" is correct but how about "the cost is expensive" ?

Is that Chinglish?

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  • 8 年前

    The price is expensive 肯定錯.

    The cost is expensive不多見, 但是expensive cost有人使用, 尤其北美低下層社會的廣告傳單(flyer) , 我想在學校, 大學還是避免使用.

    Cost, Price 與 Expensive 的配搭


    The cost (or price) is + adjective (high, exorbitant, prohibitive, astronomical, huge, immense, moderate, modest, low, minimal)

    adjective (high, heavy, astronomical, low, bargain, rock-bottom, knock-down, reduced, discounted, budget, inflated, giveaway) + price

    adjective (affordable, attractive, good, competitive, decent, reasonable) + price


    expensive + item(s)

    item(s) + is (are) + expensive

    expensive + item (goods, equipment, commodity, house, car, clothes, food, wine, fare, gift, gadget)

    expensive + (restaurant, shop, boutique, hotel)

    expensive restaurant =昂貴的餐廳 (是指進餐後結帳昂貴 )

    expensive + (taste, lifestyle, hobby, mistake, purchase, repair)

    資料來源: Kenkyusha Dictionary of English Collocations
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  • 匿名
    8 年前

    high/low cost/price

    expensive/cheap goods

    2012-04-06 12:31:15 補充:

    "dear" can be used with price and goods.

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  • 匿名
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    Expensive is used to describe a goods, but never a price/cost.

    For high price/cost = expensive,

    therefore it is not suitable for you to use expensive price/cost.

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