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English speech about HK

I am going to do a speech about Hong Kong but there are too many things to talk. So, I am hardly to decide. Please help me.Thx@@

Topic:What you shold see in hong kong

conbtext:A welcomeing party

The role: a F.3-4 chairman of the welcomeing committee

Target: overseas students on their first visit to hong knog

Time limit: 4mins

3 個解答

  • 9 年前

    The most exciting places in Hong Kong. The Lantau Link ( 青 嶼 幹 線 ) was officially opened in May 1997. It consists of Tsing Ma Bridge ( 青 馬 大 橋 ), the world’s longest suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic, the shorter Kap Shui Mun Bridge ( 汲 水 門 大 橋 ), and a viaduct to connect the two bridges. Under construction since 1992, the Lantau Link has been being the key connection in the 34-kilometre road and railway network connecting Hong Kong Island to the airport at Chek Lap Kok ( 赤  角 ). It links the island of Tsing Yi ( 青 衣 ), Ma Wan ( 馬 灣 ) and Lantau ( 大 嶼 山 ), and spans two shipping channels. Throughout its 3.5 kilometres, the Link carries a dual three-lane expressway on the upper deck and a twin-track railway on the lower deck. In addition, two single lane sheltered carriageways on the lower deck allow traffic to use the Link during emergencies and inclement weather. Po Lin MonasteryPo Lin Monastery ( 寶 蓮 寺 ) is found in the beautiful plateau of Ngong Ping ( 昂平 ) on Lantau Island. Nestled between the hills, this grand monastery was founded in 1927 and is a major center of Buddhism in the region. The main temple houses 3 bronze statues of the Buddha representing his past, present and future lives as well as many Buddhist scriptures. The highlight of Po Lin Monastery however, is the Tian Tan Buddha ( 天 壇 大 佛 ), otherwise known as the Giant Buddha ( 大 佛 ), who is seated on the hilltop, up a flight of 268 steps. The 34 meter (112ft), 250 ton sculpture is the world's largest seated outdoor bronze statue of the Buddha. The statue was opened to the public in December 1993 after 10 years of construction. The views of the surrounding countryside from the base of the statue are simply stunning and there are also small exhibition galleries for view inside the statue.

  • 9 年前

    The longest friver in Hong Kong

  • 9 年前

    you could the beautiful view of hong kong, like in stanley you could see a nice beach

    you could write about how cool is the ocean park

    pick some good things that you like about hong kong

    or maybe you could say:

    hong kong is big , got lots of different shop and view,it make me


    Hope you get pass for this speech