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Ky 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 8 年前

關於in favour of..

He spoke out in favour of reforms.

The majority of people are in favour of the proposed legislation

Those in favour of the new plans put up your hands please


如果睇第一句 favour of係v?

點解第一同第三句唔洗is am are?

2 個解答

  • 8 年前

    IN FRONT OF 不一定要跟is/am/are. 可以跟 noun, pronoun, adverb和其他的 verb (including verbal phrase).


    (1) am/are/is/was/were + in favour of + someone/something

    I am (all) in favour of trying to find ways to save money.

    We are in favour of income tax cut.

    (2) Action verb (including verbal phrase) + in favour of + someone/something

    80% of the population voted in favour of the new regulation. (voted ~ verb)

    Shatin was rejected in favour of Aberdeen as the site for the new school. (was rejected ~verb)

    We would prefer to see him step aside in favour of a younger man. (step aside ~ verbal phrase)

    They have come down very strongly in favour of the proposed merger. (come down ~ verbal phrase)

    “strongly”, an adverb, comes before “in favour of”.

    (3) noun/pronoun (can be subject or object) + in favour of + ….

    Those in favour of the motion, please raise your hands now. (Those ~ subject)

    The chairman outlined the arguments in favour of the proposed changes. (argument ~ object)

    She gave up nursing in favour of a career as a pop singer. (nursing ~ object)

    (4) Other pattern:

    Peter, who had been left out on the morning of the match in favour of David, was absolutely upset.

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    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary
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  • 8 年前

    想問呢個 "in favor of" phrase 係咪一定要跟 is/am/are ?


    如果睇第一句 favour of 係 verb?

    吾係。 spoke 是 verb.

    點解第一同第三句唔洗 is am are?

    因為呢個 phrase 吾係一定要跟 is/am/are 。

    不知道我這樣是回答你了嗎 ?

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