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點解Simlp pas要加ed或d????

點解Simlp past 要加ed或d????急急..........

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    The past tense,past events, and things were different in the past that simple past tense as an adjective,not the future tense, referring the matter to add --ed or ---d has to be learnt from the past times of English Grammar re:past tense.

    (1)We simply add -ed to words ending in double consonants:-eg. add and hand (2) to those ending in w: eg. allow and (3) to those ending in single consonant preceded by double vowels: eg. appear and join.

    (4) We only add -d to verbs ending in e:- eg. agree,change,complete,lie, where "chang+--ed"=by Rule (1) is incorrect,whilst "change+ -d"=by Rule (4) is correct!

    (5)We double the final single consonant preceded by a single vowel before adding --ed:- eg.dig,drop,and fit;whilst "dwell+ed"=by Rule (1) is correct,while "dwelled"=by Rule (5) is incorrect!

    Here are some more the 5 classifications for you to learn:-

    Class(1) added, handed, jumped, talked, walked,


    Class(3)appeared, joined, waited,

    Class(4)agreed,behaved, cared, carried, changed, completed, cried, lied, replied, tied,

    Class(5)digged, dropped, fitted, knitted, smelled, spelled,

    So linguistic terms syntax is grammar which you learn in school.

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    An innovation has become new features(dely)for dealt,(dreamed)for dreamt,(dwelled)for dwelt.Past&Past Participle don't just added -ed or -d for the past.I've seen several comments about the way I responded.Thanks for your observations.

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    "Digged" is the older past tense and past participle of "dig". The modern form "dug" is an innovation that has become standard.-

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    To 回答者:TOMING88 :

    Where do you find the word "digged" ?

    The past tense of "dig" is "dug" .

    Please check your dictionary.

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