Oliver Twist (轉中文)

Oliver Twist was borned in a workhouse. His mother was very poor and her body was very weak. Then, his mother died. Oliver lived in an orphanage.

A man adopted Oliver Twist. He had a place to sleep, but he could only sleep nex to the coffins. Oliver Twist was very afraid at night. He didn't want to have this kind of live, so he ran away.

On his way, some kind people gave him soom food or water. One of them was called Dodger. Dodger brought him to his home. The house's owner was called Fagin. One night, Oliver Twist played a game with him and the other two boys. The rule of the game was to get the things from Fagin's pocket quietly. An old man saw that, and he thought Oliver steal Fagin's things. At last, Oliver was free.

Then, Oliver Twist moved to Mr. Brownlow's house. Mr. and Mrs Brownlow were very kind. They took goo cares of Oliver. They made new clothes for Oliver and gave food to him. One day Mr. Brownlow wanted Oliver to buy some books for him. Suddenly, some strange people caught Oliver. The strange people asked Oliver to steal something in a big house, but Oliver cannot say no because they may kill Oliver.

The next night, when Oliver got up, he foung that he was hurt. His left arm was covered with blood. He asked someone to help him. He was very weak that time.

A girl called Nancy knew som secrets about Oliver and she also knew Fagin and Monks wanted to kidnap Oliver. Rose met Mr. Brownlow and told him about Oliver Twist. It's because she knew Mr. Brownlow may help Oliver.

Mr. Brownlow knew Monks everything. He knew their fair was died. He left a will. It may made Oliver became rich.

At the end, the bad men were all caught by the police. Oliver grew up. He could take care of himself. He was happy.

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