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請幫忙英文翻譯(海關條例),感謝! 贈20點~(禁翻譯網站)

一、在辦理“退運貨物”出口有關事宜時,請先向當地海關遞交申請,遞交原進口報關單相關單證和當地海關要求提供的其他單證,實際報關出口時需提供的單證請向當地海關諮詢。二、根據《中華人民共和國海關進出口貨物徵稅管理辦法》第六十一條規定,已繳納稅款的進口貨物,因品質或者規格原因原狀退貨復運出境的,納稅義務人自繳納稅款之日起1年內,可以向海關申請退稅。納稅義務人向海關申請退稅時,應當提交下列材料: (一)《退稅申請書》; (二)原進口報關單、稅款繳款書、發票; (三)貨物復運出境的出口報關單; (四)收發貨人雙方關於退貨的協議。三、如果該進口貨物進口期限已超過一年,仍可以用“退運貨物”方式辦理有關退運出口事宜



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    In the process of returned goods export-related matters, please to the local customs office to submit their applications to submit other documents provided by the original import declaration documents and local customs requirements, the actual export declaration documents to be provided to theconsultation of the local customs. Pay taxes according to the Article 61 provisions of the Customs of the People's Republic of China import and export goods tax management approach ", the imported goods because of quality or specifications reasons for changing state are transported out of the taxpayer to pay taxes. within 1 year, can apply to Customs for the tax rebate. To the customs of refund, the taxpayer should submit the following materials: (a) the rebate application; (b) the original import declaration, tax payment book, invoice; (c) goods transported out of the export declaration ; (d) the consignee or consignor agreement on the return. Third, if the period of the imported goods imports have more than one year, you can still use "goods returned" way to handle the returned export matters

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    This is a government document. All terms used in the document have one and only one proper translation. The translation will become invalid if any of them is wrong. You need a 100% accuracy, not roughly correct.

    I am pretty sure there is already an English version of the document by the government.