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ipad cant get on internet.....

my ipad was running good with wi-fi (my home), but it just not working from last night.

its connected the wifi already but still cant open the web page and do anything online...

i did try to reset, restart...but still not working... (again...the wifi is connected)

the IP now is 169.254.

i did search on google to find some solve ways, i did got something but not sure wt the people say....can someone tell me what to do step by step (im bit stupid with the computer stuff....need a clean n steps to follow ...)

thank you for help!!!

1 個解答

  • SamOr
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    Go Setting > Wi-Fi, then press the blue arrow at the right hand side of your home WiFi name. Click "Forget this Network". Go back to home page. Click Setting > Wi-Fi, then enter your home WiFi again.

    Good Luck