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香港身份证 20points

Both parents holding HK ID card, and the child is born in the UK, can he apply for HK ID CARD? does he need to wait for 7 years before getting the HK ID card?

Mum is holding duel nationalities, where do you recommend to give birth, HK or UK? what is the advantage /disadvantage in either way?


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    9 年前

    1. The child will be eligible for HKID.

    The reason is the U.K. does not determine citizenship by place of birth, but parents.

    In other word, unless the parents have British citizenship, the child is definitely a Chinese citizenship with Hong Kong Permanent Residence.

    2. I assume you mean British citizenship instead of nationalities.

    The best place to give birth depends on if you weigh British citizenship over Hong Kong Permanent Residence or vice versa.

    For British citizenship, in order for your child to pass alone, he or she must live in the U.K. for at least 3 years in order to qualify. Unless you are currently living in the U.K. or plan your child to study in the U.K., keeping the citizenship for the next generations will be difficult. In this case, giving birth in the U.K. will be a better choice.

    For Hong Kong Permanent Residence, Hong Kong Immigration Department can deny his application due to the fact he has a foreign nationality. But getting the residence will not be difficult as soon as your family live in Hong Kong (as it takes 7 years). In this case, Hong Kong will be a better choice.

  • Ming
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    9 年前


    『香港的教育環境是非常差的。各種競爭, 各種補習, 給孩子非常重的壓力!香港的生活環境也不會比英國好, 一天到晚可能要呼吸污染的空氣,食到黑心食物, 甚至假藥。香港的有錢人都把孩子送到英國,美國去讀書, 生活, 沒有一個英國人特別把孩子送到香港生活, 讀書的。』

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    1. If you have eligible children aged under11 who hold valid foreign travel documents, an endorsement can be made in those foreign travel documents stating your children’s verification of eligibilityfor a permanent identity card. It's a no-brainer.A child’s father, mother or guardian can makethat application by submitting a completed application form with copies ofsupporting documents by post or drop in to:Right of Abode Section

    Immigration Department

    25/F Immigration Tower

    7 Gloucester Road

    Wan Chai

    Hong Kong

    (Form :

    2. As the lineup cases holding oversea passports (other than from Mainland China ) to apply for Permanent Identity Card are normally veryfew, there would not be much waiting time.

    3. Where to give birth, HK or UK?

    UK, of course. Application for residence in UK is kind of a prolonged process, and rules are strict and complex, and are considered case by case. So, you are advised to retain consultants to go through the process, which will be exhaustive. You did not mention where your family is gonna reside in the coming years. You need to be aware that residence in the UK may be granted for shortperiods ( 1- 4 years) unless your child can acquire citizenship before leaving. He / she might then end up losing his / her right of residence .


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    沒有人會因為哪裏生孩子的費用平而到哪裏生孩子的。 最緊要是孩子在那裏可以得到良好的教育和將來的生活環境。

    孩子在香港出生立刻成為香港人, 即是中國人, 雖然可能由於母親的關係可以成為英國人, 但香港是中國地方, 中國是不承認雙重國籍, 而且有要外國公民放棄外國國籍的做法。

    英國公民可以隨時在香港居住(當然要時時續期簽證), 但中國公民不能自由在英國居住, 享受英國的教育。

    香港的教育環境是非常差的。各種競爭, 各種補習, 給孩子非常重的壓力!香港的生活環境也不會比英國好, 一天到晚可能要呼吸污染的空氣,食到黑心食物, 甚至假藥。

    香港的有錢人都把孩子送到英國,美國去讀書, 生活, 沒有一個英國人特別把孩子送到香港生活, 讀書的。

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    He can apply for HK ID Card.He doesn`t need to wait.

    I recommendshe go to HK to give birth.Because give birth in HK is cheaper than that UK,also I think the medical service in HK is very good!

    Give birth in UK is more expensive than HK,but the medical service in UK is better.

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