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Immoral behaviour is commonly found among some teens and adults. what are the causes of this phenomenon? should anything be done about it?(100 words)


不道德行為(青少年)=抄襲功課(crib homework),插隊(jump a queue),出貓(cheated during their examinations)



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    let me give you some points, you can organize them to make it your own piece of hw or assignment.

    Immoral behavior found among teens is often led by:

    1) Influenced by family-for example, lack of affection from family may lead to them to being rebellious. Thus, doing immoral behaviors.

    2) Affected by peers. a) maybe their peers bully them and the teen has to start bullying others as an action of self defense. b) Their peers are all bully and the teen has to bully others to fit in.

    3) crib hw..because of the overloading amount of homework that is hard to finish.

    4) Jumping queue- for convenience

    5) cheating- own desire to get high marks even though one didnt revise that well