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英文作文.........急!!!! 20分

Recently, your principal has decided to implement small class teaching.The number of students for every lesson will be limited to 15. You are thepresident of Students' Union at your school. Write a letter to the principal protestingagainst the plan. Give three reasons why students oppose the new practice. Signyour letter 'Chris Wong'.

Write about 400 words

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  • aShlEy
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    Dear Principal,

    I am writing to protest your decision to implement small class teaching, which the number of students for every lesson will be limited to 15. I am the

    president of Students' Union, Chris Wong. I protest this idea, representing other students' oppose to this new practice, based on three reasons as follows.

    Firstly, we are not questioning about the implement of small class teching, but it has not been actual undergone any trial process that we do not think it is suitable that we do some experiments and observe the results, except continuing the normal class size now. Take the presentation homework as an example, we have many presentation projects in different various subjects that we need to work in groups of fove of six, if we only have 15 classmates in a class, we cannot have enough chance to work with different classmates, to understand the importance of co-operation with different classmates.

    Secondly, implementing of small class teaching is a waste of teaching materials that violates environmental protection, because we have to prepare more teaching materials to satisfy the students, with the same amount of them. It is not economical, and we think it has nothing to do with the learning speed. If we do not understand some texts, we can also ask students with better academic results, but if we only have 15 classmates, the curve of academic results will be more on average, that we cannot communicate with students efficiently and effectively on academic issues, that is a burden on teachers' workload, too.

    Last but not least, most of the cultural subjects need group discussions which are not suitable for small class teaching, it hinders our learning difficulties, and lays burdens on our public exam results, we cannot practise group discussions with as more students in the same class as possible, therefore, we cannot prove the results of our in-class practice, which is a main reason to our opposition. Maybe implementing small class teaching can be first applied on

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    non-cultural subjects, that we are not going to oppose, because the influence will be decreased to the smallest scale.

    In conclusion, based on the above three reasons: results not confirmed, waste of teaching materials, and most subjects are not suitable for small class teaching, we protest your de

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    cision to implement samall class, hope you will consider our ideas and re-consider again.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Chris Wong

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    I couldn't give write the whole composition for you as it would mean nothing to you. However, I could give you some guidelines.

    First start with,

    Dear Principal,

    Then, an introduction: about 100 words

    Use phrases like: "with reference to" or "concerning" the idea of implementing small class teaching, you have certain ideas you want to point out that may be worth your reconsideration of this small class system.

    Here, you could start with the main body

    Open a new paragraph and start writing your ideas. Some examples are: 1) It might worsen communication skills between students. 2) The number of teachers has to be taken into account as well. If there're not enough teachers, it would result in overloading the current teachers, as they have to spend much more time teaching students separately. 3) Thus,quality of lectures and classes might not be enhanced, however it might be affected. (you could think about some more, but these these are already enough)

    In conclusion, you would hope the principle to reconsider the situation and stand firm against small class teaching.

    Yours Sincerely,

    The President of Students' Union

    Chris Wong


    Hope it helps!

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    The Principal,

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to your order of Jan 1 of 15 small class,I shall be protesting the implement plan when I heard the expected academic result are worsen,the education aims are unclear,and teaching ability are in doubt,which you are urgently required to rectify. The fact stated you are under our order and authority that students' opposing your new practice should be heard by you through me to undertake to revert back to normal no. in class within a week.

    Yours truly,

    The President of Students' Union

    Christ Wong