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  • 匿名
    8 年前


    The English proverb "Dogs of the same street bark alike" which means "people of the same background have the same behaviour."


    2012-01-28 06:22:46 補充:

    ∫「一支竹打沉一船人」意思是不分青紅皂白,用同一看法看一班人、對待一班人, 亦即樓上朋友說的generalise概括而論忽畧個別不同之處。

    "Dog of the same street bark alike."有這個意思,但是一種說法而非「一支竹打沉一船人」的做法。

    樓下朋友引用的idiom改為"to tar the whole group of people with the same brush"(active voice)就更好了。

    2012-01-28 10:10:29 補充:

    說一個人「一支竹打沉一船人」, 可對他說:"you tar them all with the same brush" 或 " you think that dogs of the same street bark alike", 同樣是說出他的偏見。


    「一支竹打沉一船人」- use the same bamboo stick to defeat everyone in the boat

    「一竹篙打盡一船人」- use one single bamboo cane to beat everyone in the boat

    2012-01-28 10:21:58 補充:


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  • 8 年前

    An attempt to ans.:-

    Idiom for generalization,

    He insists on acting arbitrarily,disregards of other people's advice.

    =one person alone has the say

    =must bear the consequences od his own acts

    =He monopolizes all the important affairs in the "boat".

    =get something done once and for all(to a problem)

    =finishing people off with a single blow (on the boat)

    =The stubborn person won't listen to anybody else's advice

    For the Idiom generalization:-

    =must not generalize about something

    =Every country has specific conditions,and it would be wrong to treat citizens all alike.

    2012-01-28 17:04:43 補充:

    When you have a general statement that is based on only a few facts or examples,you say:-Don't make a speech of sweeping generalisations.

    2012-01-28 17:41:53 補充:

    Don't regard the part as the whole;be lopsided;Avoid a one-sided approach and look at problems all-sidedly.:-Don't make a speech of (broad) generalization about all passengers (aboard) on an issue.

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  • 8 年前

    Are“一支竹打沉一船人” and “一竹篙打盡一船人” the same ? If so, idiom "tarred with the same brush" is what you are looking for. For example :

    It is not fair they are all tarred with same brush.


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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    英文可以叫做 generalization / generalize




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