Literary devices' meaning (10)

I'm doing a book report....And there is a qustion :

Language - the use of litrary devices

I wanna ask ...what is the meaning of "The use of Literary devices"?

you can answer me in Cantonese,thx for your help.

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  • 9 年前

    I am not very sure about this, but I think it is asking about how the author uses different literary devices in the book and how does this usage affect the whole book.

    Literary devices are like Chinese's 修辭手法. To check the list of the literary devices, take a look on

    Mostly, the common ones are:

    Alliteration something like 雙聲

    Anthropomorphism or (Personification ) 擬人

    First Person Narration 第一人稱

    Foreshadowing 伏線

    Hyperbole 誇飾

    Imagery 圖像化

    Irony 諷刺

    Onomatopoeia 擬聲

    Plot twist 轉截

    Symbolism 象徵

    Also, metaphor (比喻) are some of the mostly used ones.

    Hope that it helps :)

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