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Physics - Atomic Structure

We were given to understand that an atom consists of nucleus and electrons. Such theory has been taken for granted. I wonder if there is any scientific proof on the atomic structure. Did scientists actually see the nucleus and electron by microscope or whatever instrument? Is there any source of reference? Thank you.

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    Due to its small size, you cannot see an atom even by the most powerful microscope in the world.

    The structure of an atom was discovered by a series of experiments in the late 19th to early 20th century. The most impotant ones are:

    J.J. Thomson - discovery of electrons in 1897

    Ernest Rutherford - discovery of the +ve charged nucleus in 1911, and later discovery of proton.

    James Chadwick - discovery of neutrons in 1932.

    You may refer to the following web-pages for a description of these discoveries. Click the [next] button at the end of each page after you have finished reading one.


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