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我係internet 找到美國一D保險公司話包一D "acute onset of pre-exisiting condition" 係咪真架?


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I have undergone a surgery last month. My doctor said there is chance for the recurrence. whether my illness recur, i need immediate medical attention. so I am covered in this case? and...how can i know this is a real insurance company? i am afraid i will be treated

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to Gary,

what if it is not a heart attack, but pneumothorax?

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my doctor said i am ok to take a plane

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  • ?
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    9 年前

    Not exactly true.

    They mean what they say. But it does not apply to you.

    Let me illustrate that with an example.

    Let's say you have asthma and they are under control.

    Since the asthma was diagnosed prior you buy the insurance, so it will be a pre-existing condition that most insurance will not pay for the benefit.

    Acute onset of pre-existing means suddenly you have experienced a asthma attack and you need emergency treatment.

    Under this plan, they will pay up to USD$15,000 for such incident.

    But in your case, since it is a heart condition, the cost will be way much higher.

    2012-01-05 02:40:16 補充:

    In your case, I will simply drop your exchange plan or delay it.

    Pneumothorax can be life-threatening and traveling on an airplane is not wise at all.

    (The cabin pressure can make your situation, especially you just have been through a surgery).

    2012-01-05 12:16:54 補充:

    Here are the issue you have to face:

    Either the insurance will not cover at all, or not cover enough.

    It is up to you to think about it.

  • Chi
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    9 年前

    - Should be REAL... 咪真架.

    For: http://www.sevencorners.com/brochure/5VLCN11.broch...

    - I haven't use this company, so not too sure about its reputation.

    - The brochure mentions it, so if it is a real company, it should be real.

    - "acute onset" does not equal to long term treatment. Example: If you have High Blood Pressure, they WILL NOT pay for your regular doctor visit or drugs for your blood pressure. They will pay for an ER visit if there is emergency caused by your blood pressure. (example only, double check with the agent.)

    - It's a travel insurance, and there are Max payout and Max length of half years.


    Well... Insurance company usually makes money but taking care of some unforeseeable risk. The Max coverage for some cheap insurance usually may not enough if you have some BIG issues as medical cost in US is very expensive. They are better than nothing. My family med insurance costs me like USD2000 per month