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lui11 發問於 科學及數學生物學 · 9 年前

f.3 bio food substances

1. Can eating cherry prevent anaemia? Why or why not?

2. dietary fibre係咩黎? give some examples?


2. any food source?

更新 2:

dietary fibre係organic定係inorganic?

更新 3:


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  • 9 年前


    1.Intaking more cherry can absolutely prevent and relieve anaemia,this is because cherry is a kind of fruit that richly supply in iron.Cherry's iron content is the highest among all fruits(count in 100mg as unit).The iron substance in cherry helps in to produce more haemoglobin in red blood cells,which haemoglobin are responded for carrying oxygen.So eating cherry can prevent anaemia.However, overeating of cherry may cause iron or cyanide poisoning.

    2.dietary fibre is a kind of substance from plants that contain cellulose,they are divided into soluble and insoluble,Soluble fiber also attenuates the absorption of sugar, reduces sugar response after eating, normalizes blood lipid levels.

    Insoluble fibre is indigestable and has no engery values means it can not supply energy to our body through respiration.However,it is benefial to our alimentary canal since it provides water and add bulk to the colon and soften our faeces,dietary fibre is important for our healthe of alimentary canal,especially colon.

    2012-01-02 10:52:13 補充:

    dietary fibre係organic,It has carbon and so is organic.

    Recall your memory:

    Fiber is a mixture of complex carbohydrates, including cellulose, that why we cannot digest.Fiber is consider as a polysaccharide