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writing 20 點

Stort task:Drawing a family tree

Long task:A description about your family(120work)

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  • 8 年前

    short task: 即系畫幅家譜。最頂層系祖父母,第二次層系祖父母的兒女,即是你的父母親、伯父伯娘、姑姐姑丈等等。第三層便是你父母的兒女,即是你自己、表哥表姐等等,如此類推。

    just like the photo below


    long task: 我點知你家人係點?不過你一致可以講下你父母、兄弟妹的外表、職業、性格等等。如: My sister is a sweet girl. She love wearing skirts and eating candies. My father is a lawyer. He has a poker face. He is well-suited everyday. He has the conscience to combat crime. etc 總知就自己作啦。

    希望可以幫到你。 ^^

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  • 8 年前

    Stort task:


    Long task:

    A description about your family(120work)

    I have a father. He is handsome. I love him.

    I have a mother. She is beautiful. I love her meal.

    I have a brother. He is tall. He loves me.

    I have a dog. It is small. It loves food.

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