about christmas的poem

我想要一首about christmas的poem

呢首poem一定要有深層意思(deep meaning)

仲要比埋作呢首poem的人(poet)的背景资料 (background indormation)

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  • 9 年前

    Missing you at Christmas by Tamara Hillman. There’ll be one missing Christmas,

    one place at table---bare,

    one smiling face we’ll yearn for

    just knowing you’re not there

    One present left beneath the tree

    after all have been passed out,

    with pretty ribbon posed atop---

    a heartfelt gift, no doubt

    Voices soft, diminished,

    we’ll sing a Christmas song,

    hoping next year’s easier

    for you haven’t been gone long

    The joy of your great laughter

    as the children gathered ‘round---

    your spirit more like ‘Peter Pan’

    in revelry and sound

    The snow outside---light falling,

    of which you were so fond,

    swift on skis and snowboard,

    and skating on the pond

    Cozy by a crackling fire

    we’ll surely quiet sit,

    recalling times your lengthy frame

    would stretch in front of it

    We’ll have to gather all our faith

    and be of one accord,

    knowing you are safe with Him---

    spending Christmas with our Lord… Tamara Hillman was born and raised in the eastern Washington town of Twisp , (Indian name for wasp) in the beautiful Met-how Valley. In her everyday life when young, she witnessed the hardscrabble life of REAL cowboys—branding, breaking wild horses, and rounding up cattle. After a long career in hair styling, she retired, and pursued her real passion—WRITING. The one lesson heard loud and clear in her very first class was; “Write what you know!” That prompted her to write cowboy poetry, and western tales. Tamara soon started having success with articles and poems published in national western and country magazines, postings on cowboy poetry websites, and was often invited to read her cowboy poetry on the radio. She now has written and published six books: two cowboy poetry, one country living, one on the history of cowboy & Indian heroes & villains, one western novel, and now one on her personal insights on life in a new poetry book not of the cowboy persuasion, but still with a country view… In November of 2007, she and her husband retired to their home in Arizona .

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