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ENG 論文!!!(250-300)

1.should we eat whales?

2.should we protect pandas?

3.should a girl ask a boy out?




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    Essay 300 should be:-

    (1)As whaler is a ship used for hunting whales with hunters on board the Pacific,we must eat these large fishes. They are plenty and live in the sea. Several types of whales' meat are good to eat eg Blue,Killer,Pilot. We note the whale-bone found in the upper jaw of whale are used to make clothes stiffer.

    If they enjoy themselves very much in hunting,we'll have a very much time enjoying the meats of Shark's fin as well.As whale-company is fighting to protect its own commercial interests,whales should not be protected.

    (2)We must protect a panda because it is very rare who may go to extinction.Hollywood has had a comic-cartoon called Kung-Fu Panda to show how rare this giant panda is.It is a large black and white animal like a Bear that lives in Szechuan, China.

    Also there is a red panda who is an Asian animal like a red raccoon with reddish-brown fur and a long thick tail for us to fondle-touch.

    A dog can be faked into a panda as if by magic.We can fakely design a dog into a panda by painting its black eyes and the relevant parts of its body to make it articficially genuine to pretend to be what it is.We can touch and move our hands gently over it easily.

    (3)A girl should ask a boy out since it is of equal opportunities nowadays.What is happening to a boy should so happened to a girl,esp. on love affairs. In a co-ed school a girl of deep affection for somebody should show her mother's love for the boy as a boy-friend.If she is in love with him at first sight,or love of learning and knowledge -seeking,or the love of her life which means the boy she loved most ,or to avoid madly in love, or He cared for her more than she realized in school,then a girl should ask a boy out genuinely!